Social and Formal Groups Comparison

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Social and Formal Groups Comparison Debra Mallery SOC/120 - Sociology May 24, 2012 Kimberley Stephens Social and Formal Groups Comparison There are some obvious difference between a lady‘s church group and the local Ruritan. The first requirement in belong to a lady church group is you go to that church and you are a woman. The requirement to joining the local Ruritan is fist to live in the local area of the group. The next in joining the Ruritan is you have to fill out an application and it has to be approved by the board members then they say yes or no to you then the members of the Ruritan have to vote on you joining the group. The next main difference is most of the time a Ruritan group is made up of both men and women where…show more content…
Yes they both help the community but the Ruritan runs more on rules and how others see them in the community. Another difference is most of the time you may communicate with the members in a lady’s group more than a Ruritan outside of a meeting. This is because women like talk more than men in most cases. Another difference is a lady’s group may be close to the members because they are more open to others then men. Many times men join a local Ruritan to help with some of the sporting activities. Here where I live our Ruritan also has horse shows to raise money for the community. The Ruritan group may be well known outside the community because of the work that they do helping others. One of the main reasons the media recognizes the Ruritan more than a lady’s group because they have more member active in the whole community instead just surrounding the church. When it come to the leadership of both of these have one main leader over the whole group. This person helps keeps the group working together toward the same goal of help the community. Social and Formal Groups Comparison That why you need one main person that has the final say on what they do in such who they decide to help in the community because you cannot help everyone even though they may need the help. Both are a good place together to know the people in your community in addition to helping others that may need some extra
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