Social and Moral Development Essay

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Much of what we know about the intellectual, social and moral development of infants at birth and as they grow into adults are through the developmental theories. Some of the developmental theories are sexual development, social development and moral development. Both Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg view similarities as well as differences between the theories they each believe in regards to the development of a child social and moral development. Jean Piaget put forth the theory of cognitive development wherein he established a clear as well as a logical connection between the age factor and the child’s learning and comprehension abilities. Nonetheless, the two theorists held views that worked against each other in some aspects.…show more content…
Kohlberg he believed that there were six identifiable stages, which could be more generally classified into three levels. On the other side, Piaget outlined four distinct stages of cognitive development with age factor playing a vital role.
The first level of Kohlberg’s theory is referred to as Pre-Conventional Morality with two stages. One stage is called Obedience and Punishment and Stage Two is known as Individualism, Instrumentalism. The authoritative figures in this level pose either threat or reward for the young learners thereby compelling them to conform to more socially acceptable behaviors. However, the second stage of Level One shows a moral behavior that is not so ethical nature but rather introvert, inducing actions wherein a child performs keeping mind his needs and desires rather than what is morally accurate or inaccurate The second level of conventional morality is labeled as social order Maintaining Morality or Law and Order. In the third stage, the morally good or bad is gauged according to what others consider as ethically justified or morally inaccurate. The strict legal rules and regulations that form the basis of a child’s moral development govern the fourth stage. Thus in this stage, the key factor is analyzing by society wanting to behave morally to be directed toward positive
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