Social and Political Propaganda Essay

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There are two types of propaganda: sociological propaganda; the spreading of an ideology through the mass media, and political propaganda; efforts that are sponsored by governments and political groups that alter a persons’ interests. All propaganda has a direction, and the overall quality determines whether it will have a positive or negative effect over the masses. Our entire nation is a vast propaganda operational system that is greatly linked to education, consumerism and politics. A great deal of what makes up propaganda and how it is placed among the masses lies in understanding the overall emotional and physical states of these groups of people and in finding a way to draw a persons’ attention to capture their hearts, breaking down…show more content…
An example of this would be during times of war, more specifically World War II. The idea of pinpointing was presented during this time, as it gave the people of the U.S. reason to put a great deal of blame on another group or person, and it presented the public to the concept of what was defined as wrong and what was essentially “right” at that time. As Alia Hoyt had stated in an article for, she believed that, “Many other propaganda methods exist, but they subsist on the same basic principles as the ones listed above: Manipulate the message to portray an issue or person in the most favorable light possible, and when necessary, make the opposing side look shabby in comparison” (Hoyt 1). Propaganda, in any case, can drastically change how a person thinks about a certain thing whether politically, as seen by Nazi Germany in World War II, or commercially, such as different forms of advertisements seen in the mainstream media throughout the United States and all over the world. The use of propaganda is a main factor in today’s society, yet unfortunately, it is seen in a more fraudulent manner than reliable. This shift of propaganda can lead to many misconceptions in life as it may have faulty descriptions about things in society, yet more people are allowing to consume their lives rather than fight against it and demand it to be shut out from our everyday lives, if all it
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