Social and Traditional Models of Disability.

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Over the years, I have heard many, many times from my parents, my coaches and my teachers to never take anything for granted. And even though I heard them, I 'm not quite sure that I was actually listening to the true meaning of these words. Not until you 've actually experienced 'walking in someone else 's shoes ' can you truly begin to understand what taking things for granted means. And not necessarily the most obvious things in one 's athletic ability or intelligence or opportunities...but the simplest things such as reaching for a book, opening a door, climbing stairs, brushing one 's teeth. The list is endless really. This assignment made me realize just how difficult some of these simple tasks are for many…show more content…
The old saying 'one size fits all ' does not address the needs of those with disabilities. Individual assessments are required to identify and develop personal program 's to suit their needs. Similar to athletes exercising at the gym, their workout program targets certain muscle groups depending on the needs of the athlete. The social models of disability recognize that there are no individual limitations of any kind for the disabled. These individuals are very capable of completing most tasks if the appropriate services and programs are available to them. Impairment does not mean the same thing as disability. The social model recognizes that people living with disabilities can be valued members of the workforce and society. Unlike years ago when "more formal institutions affiliated with religious organizations were established but not all persons who needed help received it (for example, during the 17th and 18th centuries, society incarcerated the mentally ill), society today recognizes the importance of integrating those living with mental illness into society. No longer are the mentally ill sent away or jailed. Training and assistance is provided to improve their quality of life. Group homes and job programmers are available to meet their needs. In schools those with disabilities can be found in the classroom working side by side with every other student in the school. My father tells me the story of a special needs
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