Socialisation And Its Impact On Children 's Learning And Development

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Socialisation and its Impact on Children 's Learning and Development Nirmita Christian Swinburne Online University Abstract In all over the world children are adapted into different cultures and we know that the cultures differ from place to place. Throughout a person’s phase of life, the reactions of others influence and modify their behaviour at all times. As a child grows, they advance in different areas and different manners. Each parent socializes their child into their own patterns and instils their own values thus beginning the socialization cycle. In this essay there will be discussions on socialisation and its consequences on children 's development and learning. We will further continue our discussions on important factors of socialisation by providing examples derived from academic understandings that support socialisation. The possible conclusion of socialisation will be discussed to understand the impacts on child development and learning. Further there will be identification on how social, culture, historical and environmental factors may impact upon teaching strategies. In today 's world people are surrounded by technologies which plays a vital role in socialisation in the children 's learning and development. To explore this closely let 's find out how the socialisation has to engage in the role of development and learning of children. Socialisation and its Impact on Children 's Learning and Development Define socialisation and the aims of
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