Socialisation Is Broken Down Into Two Key Areas Of Our Own Destiny?

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Socialisation is a process that begins early in life which continues until death that develops an individual to become an accepted part of his or her society. Numerous influences have a profound impact upon individuals as they become socialised and a valuable member to a society. This socialisation produces individuals who fulfil a role within society and the way the process is carried out is subject to a variety of perspectives and ideas as to how we become who we are. These perspectives focus on key themes such as whether society is based on a meritocracy or if it is a capitalist state and people are fed a hidden curriculum to become part of the societal machine. The entire socialisation process, regardless of perspective, produces these individuals for society but does gender help or hinder success? Are we an equal society? Are we masters of our own destiny?
Socialisation is broken down into two key areas, primary and secondary. Primary socialisation focuses on the early development of an individual and how the principal agent of primary socialisation is the family. The individual is socialised to various societal norms as well as sharing the beliefs of the family. As the individual grows and develops it is then exposed to other agents of socialisation and this is known as secondary socialisation. During secondary socialisation the family will still play an important role socialising the individual, however other agents such as education, the media, friends and the

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