Socialism And Its Impact On Society

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I ndividual people do not work in isolation from one another, but live in cooperation with each other and therefore society should share property with people who deserve it. This is the perspective of people who supported socialism and this conviction is quite contrary to that of capitalism, which revolved around individual ownership of property. Socialism, as a political movement, first occurred during the Industrial Revolution when discontent emerged from the disparity of the rich and their workers. Socialists believed that the rich people were exploiting their own wealth and were using workers as tools to increase their own personal wealth and status, meaning that the people doing the hard work remained poor and they did not have an option to try and become successful themselves. Socialism states that society as a whole should own or at least control property for the benefit of all its members.

Supporters and Criticisms of Socialism

Many people have supported socialism and its ideas, and have tried to convince people that it is a desirable to system to live in. One such person was Robert Owen, who showed that a business could still function properly even when taking the worker’s welfare into account and tried to set up a self-sufficient community. Owen first showed that his textile mills were able to generate profit while hiring no children under the age of 10, which was quite humane at the time. He thought that people’s feelings such as selfishness were
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