Socialism Is A Political Movement

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Socialism Socialism is a political movement that focuses on transforming ownership and physical production of goods into a cooperative agreement where no one has more than anyone else. Its goal was meant to reduce suffering by allowing the public control of industry and social services. It does this by fostering an economy through common ownership, shared enterprises, state ownership or shared equity. Socialism has many different philosophies and no one definition can cover them all. The ownership of capital by one entity has been argued by socialist as the creation of waste. Capital is to many any asset, investment, real estate or machinery used to produce products. Socialist have voiced their opinion on the wasteful excess of capitalism and challenged companies to use less of those resources. The socialist movement in its simplest form was the redistribution of wealth. In the United States today there are taxes that are imposed on every working American employee, business and corporation. One of these taxes is used to support the welfare system, which provides aid to financially unstable citizens. By all accounts this can be considered a socialist program. Another example is the Canadian healthcare system. They are able to supply free healthcare to all its citizens. Except it’s not really free, roughly about 22 percent of Canada 's tax dollars are used to fund their healthcare system. In 1825 a British settler by the name of Robert Owen founded what would be the
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