Socialism: The Preservation Of Democracy And Communism

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To preserve freedom, the view of the government must be limited and have power dispersed immensely throughout the system. The protection from enemies, and citizens, while also preserving law, enforcing private contracts and creating competitive markets are including in the preservation of freedom. With that being said, a society in which socialism is the main ideology, cannot yield characteristics of democracy, as it does not guarantee freedom. Although there are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them, none obtain political and economic freedom to citizens. In comparison, competitive capitalism advocates for political freedom, while separating economic and political power to create and off-setting balance between the two forms of power. The usual mindset of a state is tyranny, servitude, and misery does not lead to…show more content…
They believed that political freedom was a mean to reach economic freedom as well. A political reform could support their philosophical views, and enable economic arrangement that would better suit the majority of people who voted. They feared that a movement towards centralized control of economic activity would lead to tyranny and the government having control of economic decision making through central planning. Equally important, the Bentham and the Philosophical Radicals declared that preservation of freedom is the sole reason for limiting and decentralizing government power; to prevent a tyranny that controls every economic move and freedom of the individuals. Historically, or by coincidence, freedom came along at the same time as capitalist and market institutions. Political freedom corresponds with the development of the free market and capitalist institutions. Friedman states that fundamentally there are two ways to co-ordinate economic activities of society: the use of coercion and voluntary
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