Socialism in 'The Jungle'

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Socialism in “The Jungle”
By Tyler Dobson

Sinclair’s The Jungle is a novel that tends to advocate for socialism as a remedy for the evils of capitalism that has dominated a society. Upton Sinclair’s piece was written in 1906, at a time when many European immigrants had migrated to the United States with the hope of becoming prosperous in their lives. However, their expectations were not met as some of them ended up being unemployed and those who managed to get jobs like Jurgis Rudkus in meat packing industry suffered horrendous working conditions. The word jungle denotes the action of dog-eat-dog competition explaining the way workers are exploited through corruption and poor working conditions. In order to inform the reader about
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Therefore, he remains in the factory and suffers a lot from the workplace. He has no time for his family because he has to be at the work for a long time. Sinclair states that the working situation removes unity in most marriages and most people struggle to survive the tough conditions resulting from capitalism form of economic system. The workers also suffer abuse from the rich factor owners. For instance, Ona is raped by her boss despite the fact that she is married and hard working. The factory owners fail to give the employees their rights and instead use them to satisfy their selfish interests. Thus, this is why Upton Sinclair is encouraging the reader to see the essence of embracing socialism in order to bring these evils to an end. Therefore, a new start was necessary such as effective workers union that could support labor force.
It is worth noting that socialism was a aimed at benefiting all people. However, capitalism aimed at making the rich wealthy as the poor people remained penniless. Housing policies favored the rich working class only. Jurgis were accommodated in the overcrowded houses of the factories that denied them much comfort. Later on, they were offered houses that made them struggle to pay the rent. He was in fact arrested having failed to pay rent and finally was evicted. He goes
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