Socialist Realism in Ngugi Wa Thiongo's I Will Marry When I Want

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INTRODUCTION Socialist realism, a slogan adopted by the Soviet cultural authorities in 1934 to summarize the requirements of Stalinist dogma in literature: the established techniques of 19th‐century realism were to be used to represent the struggle for socialism in a positive, optimistic light. Socialist realism had its roots in neoclassicism and the traditions of realism in Russian literature of the 19th century that described the life of simple people. Socialist realism held that successful art depicts and glorifies the proletariat 's struggle toward socialist progress. It demands of the artist the truthful, historically concrete representation of reality in its revolutionary development. Moreover, the truthfulness and historical…show more content…
This inequality is also portrayed in their homesteads. In I Will Marry When I Want we see Ahab Kioi’s house described as: A big well furnished house- sofa seats, TV, radiogram, plastic flowers on the table…electric lights. (74). In contrast is Kiguunda’s house; A square mud-walled, white-ochred, one roomed house. The ochre is fading…piles of rags on the floor. (3). Similarly, in Violence, we see Obofun’s house as a “luxurious place”, “a sitting room”, “a large sofa”, “a living room”. (22). As opposing that of Idemudia which is It’s our house. We are afraid it might collapse. The roof leaks badly… the gutters were filled with heavy red water in which frogs croaked…flies…the mosquitoes flew about, disturbed. (68). Come to social interaction we see an incompatibility in marriage between Gathoni (Kiguunda’s daughter) and John Muhuuni (Ahab’s son) where Njooki says; Rich families marry from rich families Poor from the poor! (32). In case any cordial relationship occurs, it is feign and deceitful. This is always developed by the bourgeoisies solely with the aim of exploitation and the expense of the poor. In I Will Marry When I Want, Gicaamba says: If you want to rob a monkey Of a

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