Socialization : An Individual 's Development Of The Self

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Socialization enables us to continue to live as a society without relearning values, norms, and ways. It also shapes our self-images and helps shape our personalities. Through agents of socialization, we start to understand how to properly behave, what to expect from life, and how to follow societal norms. My family, school, peers, and media and technology are all agents of socialization. And although agents of socialization can aid us in understanding how to behave properly, the process can be both positive and negative in an individual’s development of the self. My best friend, who I consider to be my peer, has helped shape me into who I am today in a positive way.
Socialization is one aspect of human life that began around 3300 BC when a human civilized society started to appear and is still continued on now (Adhikari). Without socialization we would not know how to behave, what would be appropriate or not, what our limits were as human beings and we would not know ourselves. The self emerges from socialization and interacting with others, whom are referred to as socializing agents and can be both positive and negative. Families are the first social agents newborns will encounter and learn from most. At a very young age, a child is “[exposed] to cultural assumptions regarding gender and race” (Schaefer 85). Since white Americans dominate the U.S., white children can receive negative messages about dark skinned and black Americans (Schaefer 85). They are not only exposed…
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