Socialization Analysis: Homosexuality Essay

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Homosexuality is a trending topic especially with the issue of gay marriage in Utah. As a heterosexual college woman, I have received negative and positive messages about homosexual orientation. Large amounts of adverse criticism concerning the issue began in my town and school. Most supporting messages came later in life, specifically attending college and moving to Salt Lake City. And while there seems to be a shift in societal views towards positive connotations regarding gay and lesbian, some negatives still hold power. Particularly, homosexual relationships and people are bad. Growing up in the bubbled LDS community of Pleasant View, Utah, most views on gay or lesbian relationships fell into the sinful category. My grade school…show more content…
However, as we’ve grown older he has told us to judge people upon character and actions. One of our family friends is a lesbian couple, but that’s not their title or who they are. It’s an adjective. The elder of the two is a successful and clever business woman who gives me constant yet sarcastic, and for better lack of words, crap for attending the University of Utah and not where her alum lies. The younger is a sweet, caring lady who will talk to you for hours about life as long as you play with her puppies, Bailey and Kylee. Lesbian doesn’t define their character, simply their sexual orientation. Attending the University of Utah has broadened my view on homosexuality and other sexual orientations. The school is accepting of all types of people and offers resources such as the LGBT resource center. Last spring semester I participated in Leader-Shape (a leadership conference). The LGBT center was represented and I learned a lot about what they do and how open people can be. Learning more about the group aided in my understanding of their struggles and gave me a sense of empowerment to help our society shift towards acceptance by encouraging friends and voicing my own thoughts. After the conference I visited the Gay Pride festival and learned even more and just celebrated. It was inspiring to see people come together and use a festival to honor differences.
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