Socialization And Deviance Essay

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Madison Hazard November 19th Socialization & Deviance Socialization & Deviance An individual’s socialization is a key factor that contributes to their goals, ideas, actions and values within a society. Through socialization agents you are taught morals, values, social norms, and your role in society. However, a society would not be able to define what is normal and right if there was no abnormal to compare it to. “Psychopaths and sociopaths are often able to manage their condition and pass as “normal” citizens, although their capacity for manipulation and cruelty can have devastating consequences for people around…show more content…
If an individual is witnessing violence this is going to skew their perspective about what is deemed appropriate social behavior. In the short documentary, A Road from Crime, the narrator Allan Weaver talks about socialization agents that caused him to participate in deviant behavior, commit crimes as well as become violent. Weaver mentions that he witnessed violent behavior between his parents who unknowingly taught him that it was a way of gaining power and control. If it acceptable in the home, it must be acceptable outside of it. In addition, it is mentioned that educational staff and teachers saw him as a “troublesome kid”, which affected his sense of self. When an individual is viewed by others as bad and violent they begin to submit to that role and do what is expected of it thus committing crimes and engaging in fights. Weaver also mentions peer groups, another socialization agent, as part of the reason he turned to a life of crime as a young kid. He recalls the expectation to play a role in the gang as part of being in a “hard-man culture”. This means he was expected to act tough, violent and without mercy. In the documentary, Weaver interviews former incarcerated people, which further solidifies the role of socialization as it relates to deviance and crime on a micro scale. Ex-inmates, Terry and Greg, were interviewed and mentioned peer groups and family as key reasons for their spiral into drugs and crime. However,
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