Socialization Aspects Of Adolescents And Adolescents

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Participants The study will be conducted in the United States, and data will be for the research will be obtained from the Child Development Project, which is a study of socialization aspects of adolescents and youngsters. The families that will participate in the study were sampled from Nashville, Tennessee, and Indiana. Parents that will participate in the exercise were selected in random either by mail or in person for the school of the child. The reason for the use of random sampling is so as to get rid of any form of bias. The study seeks to encompass families that have daughters, and it will attempt to get an estimate from around 500 families to take part in the research. The research aims to be demographically diverse and in doing so it seeks to represent each of the three regions equally. The study will seek to use single parent families as part of the study. The single parent families should have mothers as the sole provider, and there should not be any father figure. The tendencies of the daughters of the single parent family will be compared to that of the nuclear family that has both mother and father.
The research will use various materials for its data collection. It will incorporate the use of questioners to collect data. The questioners will be both open ended and closed questionnaires. The questionnaires will be beneficial for their and are a cost effective tool for data collection. They
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