Socialization In The Movie : Mean Girls

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In the movie “Mean Girls”, released in 2004, followed through the life of a girl named Cady, played by Lindsay Lohan. Cady faced a new chapter in her life when she attended in a high school for the first time. Where the “Plastics” rule the school and infested it with drama, the group runs by four teenage girls, Regina, the leader, Gretchen, the pretty princess, Karen, the dummy girl, and later on Cady joined the group as "a pretender". This movie truly shows what a teenage life at a drama infested high school looks like when teenagers that are not familiar with the American ways in socialize with other people and how to survive the potentially threatening lifestyle that could affect a person mental. According to Marxist theory or known as Conflict theory. The higher power people, the Bourgeoisie, always takes advantage over the lower class people, the Proletarians; thus, both sides are always creating conflict over resources, careers, finances, etc. Socialization will need to be changed because of the constant conflicts from both sides. In the movie, the Plastics could be viewed as the Bourgeoisie, because the group has the highest popularity among other students and popularity breeds powers. For example, Regina is very powerful in the school and she controls every bit in the group, from what other girls need to wear on a certain day and time, who they cannot date. The other members in the group never stood up to Regina over the things that she demands them to and genuinely
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