Socialization Into Nursing

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Abstract This paper is about the socialization of nursing, which includes the internalization of the attitudes and values of the role. The importance of role modeling the applied behaviors and skills through preceptor experiences to aid the new nurse is discussed. The importance of the socialization process and its impact on staff recruitment and retention is touched on. The author also shares her experience upon entry to the nursing profession and how it helped her socialization. According to Creasia and Friberg, socialization is the process of becoming- acquiring knowledge and skills and internalizing attitudes and values specific to a given social group. (Creasia & Friberg, 2011) The term socialization used here refers to…show more content…
The profession needs to get beyond the reputation for “eating their young” and mentor the young and mold them into the role. Personally speaking my direct preceptor experience was very beneficial. As students, our class was forewarned regarding the transition difficulties of the nursing role that we would be entering. Many in the class took that seriously and chose to commute down to Manhattan, a considerable distance, to obtain a nurse fellowship or precepted positions at medical facilities associated with teaching programs. The hospitals pursued by the author for precept programs were Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, and Mount Sinai Medical Center. This author began at a well known hospital in NYC. Those rookie nurses surrounded by knowledgeable, wise, respected, approachable preceptors transitioned healthfully and safely into the world of nursing in 1992 and remain strong advocates in healthcare today. Because of this excellent experience, there are really no nightmares for this author to share. Sharing knowledge in a mentoring capacity is necessary to aid the transition for a younger, and or less knowledgeable nurse to the critical care arena today. Despite experience as a nurse the transition to
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