Socialization Is Like A Two Sided Coin

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Socialization is like a two sided coin. One side holds all the teachings of how to thrive and be successful in modern society. The other side teaches the biases, stereotypes, and prejudice of gender and race. The socialization of children into gender roles is no exception. For instance, on the positive side of socialization, men have the gender role of being a protector and strong. However, on the opposite side of the coin, men are perceived as being promiscuous and callous. Gender roles and expectation have a significant impact on the American society. In fact, these rules and regulations are taught to the children at a young age so they will pass on them throughout their adult lives. Two places that reveal the teachings of gender…show more content…
On the other hand, the aisle for girls has pink and other bright colors. The toys associated with them deal with motherhood, cooking, and dress up. These themes are shown through toys American Girl, Baby Alive dolls, Barbie (the doll and the various selection of clothes), and Easy Bake Oven. To further drive the designated distinctions gender biases they also make the advertisements in the boy aisle and girl lane consists of that gender. For instance, the advertisements in the boy aisle depict boys interacting with the toys. The girl aisle is similar in their advertisement because they have the girls have some type of interaction with those toys.
The way Wal-Mart socializes gender speaks to the culture in America. The fact that the aisles are organized in norms and beliefs shows that marketing copes with the general public to appease them. However, marketing may benefit from incorporating deviance into gender roles it 's not morally right in today 's society. An example of that speaks about this is the article “Preschoolers ' Awareness of Social Expectations of Gender: Relationships to Toy Choices” by Tarja Raag and Christine L. Rackliff. In this article, Raag and Rackliff discuss the research on how children are socialized into believing playing with certain toys are morally acceptable or unacceptable. In most cases, it seemed that children were learning these types of gendered
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