Socialization Of Christianity

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How Mainstream Media Play a Hand
In the Negative Socialization of Christianity
Mainstream Media is the “traditional forms of mass communication, such as newspapers, television, and radio. For years the Mainstream Media has more often than not portrayed all Christians in the same manner and paints them in a bad light, leaving little to no room for Christians to stand up for what they actually believe. The Mainstream Media have caused the negative socialization of Christianity through hasty generalizations, false reporting. These Negative portrayals of Christianity seem to have promoted negative socialization of the Christian religion as a whole. Mainstream Media is not the only thing giving Christianity a bad name though, as people in the
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There are many People affiliated with the Christian religion in the Mainstream Media. Those people who choose to put their lives out in the world for everyone to see could be the reason why Christians get labeled the way they do. Popular in the United States at the moment are President elect Donald Trump and Vice president elect Mike Pence. Both men consider themselves to be affiliated with the Christian religion. Many people do not like what Donald Trump has to say at times so they report that all Christians must be like him. Assumptions of the religion are where negative socialization takes place. The Westboro Baptist Church has taken the Media by storm, protesting at funerals and spreading hate claiming to be “The only true Christians.” It is the small groups of Christians spreading negativity that reflect values on mainstream media consumers, not the faith itself. Media outlets look for attention-grabbing headlines, not always representative of the religion as a whole. Some Christians could possibly be giving mainstream media outlets a reason to portray all Christians as bad and judgmental people causing their audiences to think negatively of the
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