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Social media has become an integral part of our lives. We are witnessing that individuals are using various social media applications, being cheerful, grieving and signing actions that can change the systems. It seems that social media, which are not so much preoccupied with people who are easily pressured, the fashion of interaction with the internet channel, and the people they like, are now in the main interests of almost everybody who knows how to use computers. While social media is an environment in which people are avoided from socializing, being self-indulgent, more audience-oriented, and for some, socialization can emerge as a manifestation of desire to be appreciated and pursued within communities. Social media,
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Social media online includes forums, blogs, chat rooms, e-mail, web sites, dictionaries, internet discussion platforms and social networks (Mangold and Faulds, 2009: 358).
The most important feature of social media is that individuals can express themselves to others through the internet. Individuals create profiles through the sites they use and can communicate based on them, and they like and interact with others with the help of these profiles. Therefore, it is obliged to customize social media popularity according to the user (Hazar, 2011: 156). In this context, the most important feature that distinguishes the internet from the traditional means of communication is the strong emergence of the interaction in the communication process. In the traditional communication environment, the dominance of the communication process of the user is more prominent in interaction with the internet, despite the fact that the individuals in the communication are in receivership and the intervention to the communication process is limited (Timisi, 2003:
The main features of social media can be listed as follows (Mavnacıoğlu, 2009: 64);
• It is a chain of internet applications where sharing and discussion are essential without time and space constraints.
• Individuals publish their own content on the internet and on the mobile

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