Socialization Techniques Of African American Male Within The Criminal Justice System

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Socialization techniques of African Americans, in particular black males in the criminal justice system are vastly dissimilar in comparison to their white counterparts. The dominant socialization indifference is theoretically associated with Marxist Criminology schools of thought, in particular conflict theory. Qualitative, empirical, and historical data supports Marxist criminology based on capitalism, conflict, and the disparity treatment of the Afro-American male within the criminal justice system: police, courts, and corrections. This research will address how capitalism creates a caste system that perpetuates conflict. Furthermore, this research will briefly explore the correlation of American capitalism, slavery, Jim Crow, and the new “Negro” coined criminal; and the Marx school of thought as it pertains to African American males interaction within the American criminal justice system and the hidden agenda of its capitalistic government.

Keywords: crime, ethnic-racial socialization, policing techniques, race, racial discrimination

The socialization techniques of African American males in the American criminal justice system are vastly disproportionate in comparison to their white counter parts. Economics and power play a vital role in this epidemic. This is best associated with Karl Marx’s philosophy of Marxist Criminology. (Marx) Early Marxist criminologist, William Bonger(1905), associated misuse and separation of capitalism as the
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