Socialization as an Aim of Education - Paper

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Socialization as an Aim of Education

Danielle Seguin

California State University, Long Beach

Socialization as an Aim of Education

In its truest form, I believe the main purpose of education should be to promote socialization. Socialization refers to the act of inheriting and spreading standards, customs and ideologies, providing an individual with the skills and habits necessary for contributing in society. Socialization is therefore the way that social and cultural continuity are attained (“Socialization,”n.d., para.1). In a society that seeks to achieve its full potential and maximize its benefits, the aim of socialization through education has the potential to
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Instead, policy makers consider any investment in the hopeless “urban jungle” wasteful. As a result, resources are not fully being maximized and students are not being challenged to be the best that they can be. Feagin and Vera’s (1995) White Racism, suggested that allowing all the talent of people to go unused is true societal waste (Feagin & Vera, 1995). This raises the question-What kind of talent has already gone to waste?

In the past, oppression has existed in the prohibition of awareness among certain groups. One example of this is found in the Compulsory Ignorance Laws that were passed in 1740 in South Carolina. These laws were created to keep African Americans illiterate and powerless in the south. These people were slaves left uneducated for the purpose of slavery. As a result, this inhibited African Americans and kept them unaware of their realities and eliminated any possibility for social change to take place.

In today’s classroom, American xenophobia is witnessed in many ways. One example is with Proposition 227. This policy stopped bilingual education in the classroom forcing students to speak only English and discouraged the use of their native language. This policy’s underlying purpose is to promote assimilation over multiculturalism counteracting against the aim for cultural continuity in education.

America was not built from one culture, type of earner, or from people who all come
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