Socialization in College Essay

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Socialization in College What if everyone sat alone for lunch, each company did not interact with other businesses, and everyone lived a life of solitude? During college, learning to interact with others plays a large role in shaping the individual. College life provides many opportunities for a student to become involved with others. This socialization can result in a person gaining many benefits, including preparation for the work world. Social development helps a student to meet new people as well as making a person aware of the diversity on a college campus like Saint Peter’s. Human traits have evolved because of the influence that our surroundings exert upon us. The manner in which a person socializes in his or her…show more content…
Socializing influences academic performance. If a student is timid, he will not voice an opinion in class. Timid students prevent themselves from expressing their ideas. Socializing further involves how open a student’s mind is toward many controversial topics. For example, the student who communicates easily with diverse individuals will be more open to understanding other cultures. In addition to making college life more enjoyable, socializing helps develop skills for the future. One manner in which socialization aids a student involves forming skills needed at work. An individual who has few problems with socializing will find it easier to become comfortable with co-workers. Many employers seek individuals who have the ability to work with others. In particular, individuals who adapt easily and get along with others will feel comfortable at work when it is time to perform on team projects. Employees today are frequently asked to work in groups. In these situations, employees have to give opinions to others. If a person does not speak up, he or she will lose support from management that can result in the loss of a job. As preparation for this future, students in college should interact with others in club activities. Assuming a leadership position in a club is a way to prepare for the work world. Many students earn respect by taking on a leadership role. These experiences will be helpful when
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