Essay on Socialization to Nursing

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Socialization into Nursing Winston – Salem State University January 21, 2013 Nursing 2312 Abstract This paper explores the process of how nurses are socialized into their profession and how my own personal socialization process has shaped my nursing career. Using Benner’s Model of socialization, I plan to explore my own personal journey from Novice to Expert reflecting the changes in my career that were supported by his five stages or levels of proficiency. Each level produced its own challenges within each new role or level that was obtained. My own feelings about the socialization process have been exemplified and as my journey into professional nursing begins, I plan to increase my awareness of factors that may have influenced…show more content…
This added to my experience during nursing school and, I felt, gave me an advantage to develop the skills needed in the Associate’s Degree of Nursing program. I graduated from nursing school at Rockingham Community College in May of 1998. I had applied to the Operating Room and the manager felt that I could be of help to them working in the Endoscopy suite until I took and passed my Nursing Boards. I took my Nursing Boards in July and began my career as a Nurse in August of 1998 in the Operating Room. According to Berens (2000), nearly half of all hospitals have reduced orientation programs of newly-graduated nurses, and once hired, new nurses receive an average of 30 days of training in contrast with the three months of training provided by hospitals as little as five years ago. Some recent changes have been made to the process, such as time in hands-on skills labs, computer-based testing, and longer orientations. However, as a new nurse with five years of CNA experience, I still felt a reality shock. I was given an opportunity of a lifetime, but felt, as in Benner’s model in accordance with Creasia and Friberg (2011), I was “unable to use discretionary judgment” (p.60). My preceptor had surgery just before I began to work there, so we were unable to do a lot in the actual O.R. setting and they had hired several Certified Scrub
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