Socialized Health Care

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Bejsovec,Ashley ENC1101-English Comp. It’s a Matter of Health The government provides education, police, and fire protection, why not provide health care for the people? Universal health care coverage is coverage that is extended to an area. Every industrialized country has some form of a national system that provides health care for its people, except for the United States. This could be from a health insurance plan funded by taxation or it could be where all coverage is entirely paid for from taxation. The United States should provide universal health care to all its permanent residents. In many other countries health care is provided by a government facility that covers most of its residents, if not most, all of the residents.…show more content…
If we don’t act now and set up a plan for health care for residents, then it may soon become too expensive to afford. With the economy in shambles and and premiums for health insurance getting higher every day, it would be ridiculous not to have a government-funded health plan for the welfare of our citizens. It’s estimated that 18% of our GDP is spent on health care. Can we really afford to let it get higher than that? At these rates our children may very well be spending 25% or more of their earnings just to maintain good health. In this world health should be one of the most important things to us. We all have the right to a long, healthy life, and the government should provide us with the resources we need to have that healthy life. A government-funded health system would eliminate much of the cost the health care system now requires because it’s so disorganized. In addition, all doctors would have a national standard of helping all people with health problems and not just those with enough money. A national health system is something we desperately need. In conclusion, a government funded health care plan is something that Americans simply can’t lie with nor afford to pass up any longer. All of the other great industrialized nations have some sort of health coverage supplied by their government, and we deserve that same right. Receiving health care is now becoming more of an
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