Socialized Healthcare Vs. Private Healthcare

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Socialized medical systems are designed to disregard the insurance industry and disregard income while providing health care for all. Healthcare in the United States is constantly changing and advancing, which requires the cost of health insurance to rise. The idea of socialized medicine is prominent, until the aspects of socialized medicine are brought to attention. Every aspect of a socialized health care industry is controlled and powered by the government; most doctors, nurses, medics and administrators are government employees, and the government decides when, where, and how services are provided. Even though socialized healthcare systems would save money, it is a prominent idea but not worth the problems because total government control over the way healthcare is distributed would result in complications of the citizens.
The latest study done on socialized healthcare vs. private healthcare done by Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health stated that the United Kingdom’s socialized medical system outperforms the United States’ system in patient-reported perceptions. This explains that people with direct experience to the socialized system report a greater satisfaction than with a free-market system. The study also showed that the United Kingdom spent $3,000 less than the United States on health insurance. The pros and cons to socialized healthcare are endless. They include: Every person, no matter annual income, would have access to healthcare. As
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