Socialized Medicine And The Health Care Reform

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Socialized Medicine and the Health Care Reform are two different types of Health Care programs. Socialized includes everything related to Health Care, where the Health Care Reform cover mainly health insurance and cutting cost. One form of socialized medicine is Great Britain National Health Service or NHS.
Describe socialized medicine and Health Care Reform. Describe health care exchange programs in Obama Care and socialized medicine. How are they the same and are they different?
Socialized Medicine is a system of national health care that is publicly administered. It includes programs from government operation of medical facilities to national health-insurance plans (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 2014). Great Britain passed the
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The purpose of health care reform is to attempt to expand coverage to 30 million of the nation approximately 50 million uninsured (Clemmitt, 798). It will do this by allowing young adults to stay on their parents plan until they are 26 years old. Also it will stop insurance companies from dropping a person when they are sick or have a pre- existing condition. Other ways it will expand coverage it will prevent gender discrimination, stop insurance companies from making unjustified rate hikes, and among other things. The Health Care Reform does not replace private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. The Health Care Reform regulates health insurance and some of worst practices of the for-profit health industry.
The Health Care Exchange Program under the Health Care Reform allow for a person to use their state’s Affordable insurance Exchange to obtain coverage from competing private health care providers. They can see if they qualify for cost assistance subsides and side-by-side comparisons of qualified health plans right on-line to make sure they getting the best deal. By 2019 it is estimated that health insurance exchanges will provide 29 million affordable health care (Health Insurance Exchange, 2014).
In Great Britain many employers offer private health-insurance plans to workers. Private health-insurance serve as a perk. Although this is in option only small percent chose to have their medical treatment privately.
How do these typed of programs
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