Socialized Medicine And The Health Care Reform

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Socialized Medicine and the Health Care Reform are two different types of Health Care programs. Socialized includes everything related to Health Care, where the Health Care Reform cover mainly health insurance and cutting cost. One form of socialized medicine is Great Britain National Health Service or NHS.
Describe socialized medicine and Health Care Reform. Describe health care exchange programs in Obama Care and socialized medicine. How are they the same and are they different?
Socialized Medicine is a system of national health care that is publicly administered. It includes programs from government operation of medical facilities to national health-insurance plans (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 2014). Great Britain passed the National Health Service Act in 1948 and is a rare form of truly socialized medicine. It started off providing free physician and hospital services for all citizens, but now charges a small fee for filling of prescription and the purchasing of eyeglasses and dentures (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 2014).
The Health Care Reform was signed into law on March 23, 2010 and will continue to enact new provisions in till 2018. The official name for the Health Care Reform is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Affordable Care Act for short. Another name the Health Reform goes by is Obama Care. The main goal of the Affordable Care Act is to create quality affordable health insurance for Americans and to reduce the spending in health…

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