Socializing New Employees

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Executive summery:

In our report we are going to proved some of assumptions of Human Resources Management related to the socialization. To do this we use prince group. Prince group is very popular in Mirpur-1. They have many bakeries, a large departmental store and a three star hotel. Mainly we conducted our survey in their three star hotel. It is a well known name in Mirpur teritory. It offers widest of hotel services. It enriches its management system by adopting a quality human resource department. This department is garnished by modernize method. That is not following by any other department in Mirpur region. Hence to fulfill our course and research demand we have selected this organization.

We want to thanks especially the
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□ It may be occur that due to management pressure employee can hide actual information, and placed wrong information.

Research methodology: It is seen that sometimes a good report do not get proper value due to its methodology lacking. So to make our report wealthier we have tried our best to use superb methodology that are consistence to our research. The major research methodologies that are obtaining for our research are: • In our report we use both primary and secondary data. • In collecting information we went in various level of employee in Grand Prince Hotel and in asking question we uses random sampling method. • To asking question we use a standard set of questionnaire. • After receiving desired data from questionnaire we plot it in tally and then in percentage. After percentage we go for various types of diagram. • For removing the ambiguities in understanding the means of percentage and various types of diagram we use a brief explanation at the bottom of every diagram. • After evaluating every diagram, we go for final evaluation which represents our main objectives. To do so we uses very simple language for understanding all level of report users.

Company background:

Grand Prince Hotel is near the diplomatic zone and surrounded by a variety of authentic restaurants and shopping malls.
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