Socially Acceptable Behavior and Protests

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Socially Acceptable Behavior and Protests The current state of national and even international protests is one that has engendered a great deal of conversation and debate. The level of damage caused by the existence of protesters in many different cities in the nation, has been felt financially and emotionally by those involved and those on the outside and also by the private and public entities charged with the job of cleaning up the messes. The manner in which the occupy movement evolved over time demonstrates a significant social movement and responses by officials that responded to concerns all over many cities where protesters gathered. As someone who was witness but not a participant in the protests there were many questions despite wholehearted agreement in the cause that was being protested, income disparity and the privilege of the wealthy. This writer was keenly interested in how the occupy movement evolved in Portland Oregon as it to me demonstrated a fascinating social development. Few arrests were made but an outrageous amount of damage was done to first the park and then later businesses that were blockaded by protesters. One particularly interesting protest occurred weeks after the occupied parks were emptied and the cleanup to the tune of $85,000 (Saker) had begun the blockade of the US Bancorp building and the march through the Pioneer Place Mall downtown. This cost also does not include the nearly 2 million estimated it cost the Portland Police Bureau to
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