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978 WordsMar 15, 20174 Pages conducted a study on ways to repair the foster care by consulting foster care experts. The system came up with five strategies that are explained in article titled “Fixing Foster Care — 5 Strategies for Change” written by Nadine M. Hasencez. The five strategies are to strengthen families of origin, support case workers, educate the public, help children deal with unresolved grief and loss, and guide children in building connections (Hasencez). Carol Wilson Spigner, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice in Philadelphia who served on the Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care, stated that the first step before proceeding with other foster care tactics should be strengthening…show more content…
If social workers are not trained correctly and are unable to deal with unexpected situations that arise then it could cause a problem that was miniscule to be turned into a huge problem that could have initially been avoided. Debbie B. Riley, the executive director of The Center for Adoption Support and Education Inc. (C.A.S.E), states that unresolved grief and loss that occurs in the foster care system is a primary concern that needs to be addressed (Hasencez). According to Riley, the grief experienced by a child in foster care that is removed from their home is different than a child who has lost their parents to death, because the child is unable to move forward (Hasencez). Riley states, “It’s different than any other loss because of the ambiguity of the loss; it’s ambiguous in that there isn’t finality. With death, there’s finality. In foster care, children carry with them this hope that they will be reunited with the birth family. It’s hard to grieve something that you can’t yet have closure with” (Hasencez). Riley explains that to cope with this tragedy foster children may act out in classrooms, because they are unable to express what they are truly feeling (Hasencez). A close friend of mine was removed from her home at the age of nine due to her parents’ drug addiction and was placed into the foster care system. According to her, Riley’s

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