Societal Constraints

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C. Introjection
Mr. L accepts and lives out stereotypes placed on him by culture, media and sustained by community he was raised in “Young Hispanic males sell drugs use drugs and are criminals.” This idolization has become a tradition handed down from one family member to the next. It is because of this very reason the client has become a walking breathing stereotype. Client has became a characterization of what it is to be a young Hispanic male.

5) Polarities
Describe at least 2 polarities that are characteristic of this person, and how you might work with them.
Mr. L is caught in an internalized good verses evil battle: To sell or not to sell

Evil: Selling drugs
Mr. L verbalizes that he views selling and using drugs as wrong because
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L it is important to address the restraints both experienced and imagined that have been placed on him because of the social constructs of gender, race, age and social economic status. These preconceived ideologies come along with expected behaviors that Mr. L accommodate forcing him to continually try to be what he is not. Therapy from this perspective would focus on what the client is rather than who he is expected to be. Client’s awareness of himself as a unique being is of the outmost importance.

Mr. L is at conflict with himself because of competing entitlements within his family system.

The experiments that would be effective with Mr. L are
Reversal and Exaggeration
This technique will enable Mr. L to explore his polarities while unearthing different perspectives. Currently Mr. L is enslaved by his rigged worldview and of the image he has of himself within this world. Seeing alternative viewpoints can lead Mr. L to making choices that will remove him from his fixed state.
Mr. L will select a viewpoint opposing his own and speak only from that opposite point of view. Then we would explore client’s attitude towards roles placed on him by society and his family and ask him to exaggerate his own positions in role while denying that any others
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