Societal Norms And Values Essay

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Societal norms and values are key aspects of everyone’s life today. Throughout this assignment I will discuss the nature of norms, values and socialisation before explaining how norms and values are transmitted through the socialisation process.

Firstly, I will address what norms are. Norms are expectations about appropriate conduct which act as commonplace rules for social interaction. Because the term refers to the expectations of one socially, norms entail the presence of legitimacy, consent and prescription. (Penguin dictionary of Sociology)
Norms are the actions perceived by society be it either by informal assumption on an individual’s general behaviour or a formal expectation, for example law. (Punch, S., Marsh, I., Keating, M. and
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While the attitudes of people frequently change, the values depended on by society are almost always stable. (Penguin Dictionary of Sociology)

Values and norms are transmitted through a process called socialisation. Socialisation is a process through which we become discernible beings. It is influenced by the surrounding people in our lives. We learn to be conscious societal beings with the ability to self-reflect on our own behaviour through the interactions with others, where we take note of their behaviour and learn our social cues from there.
It can be split up into three forms, primary, secondary and tertiary socialisation.
Primary socialisation as the title would suggest is the first form of socialisation we experience as a child. Usually it occurs in a household environment. Primary socialisation forms the building blocks for our later lives. In this initial stage of socialisation, we begin to understand what it means to be a member of society. We also acquire the necessary language and communication skills to become interactive social
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Sociology 3rd Edition)
This quote ties in perfectly with my next point, that being how norms and values are transmitted through the socialisation process.
As aforementioned socialisation can be distinguished as process by which we become social beings by interacting others. This concept is reliant on the resources such as family, work and community. It relies on these resources so that it can provide us with choices to shape our identity by becoming members of different groups. (Punch, S., Marsh, I., Keating, M. and Harden, J. (2013) Sociology: Making Sense of Society, 5th ed., Harlow: Pearson, p.23)
From the moment we are capable of interaction as a baby we are reliant on our parents to teach us the methods so socialisation. Therefore, a certain number of norms are instilled in us from our parents alone. As we progress to the secondary stage of socialisation our peers influence the norms we acquire. By broadening our social circle, we in turn increase the number of norms we are subjected to. Similarly, with values, the more we are subjected to, the more we
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