Societal Norms and Masturbation

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Societal norms greatly influence our views and attitudes concerning masturbation. In American society, Psychology Today says people tend to consider masturbation “as a sexual refuge for singles” who are looking to “compensate for a lack of sex” (Castleman) and gives others the impression that one who masturbates in inferior or incapable of having sexual relations. However, Castleman’s article references a survey conducted by the University of Chicago that disputes this theory and suggests instead that “a sexless relationship [will suppress] masturbation” (Castleman). Historically, masturbation was thought to lead to serious medical side-effects; however this is not the case. As more and more doctors medically proved that masturbation…show more content…
In order to best obtain data, she goes through great pains to show her participants and their associates that she is strictly interested in documenting research and can be trusted fully. I realize I also will have to make clear to my participants that I am using their interviews strictly for research and their identities will remain anonymous. To uphold the integrity of the data I collect, I will need to phrase my questions so that I do not offend, embarrass, or frighten a participant. My questions will be straightforward, and I will refrain from asking about personal sexual-histories and instead ask about opinions and attitudes concerning masturbation. I intend to talk to acquaintances of different sexes, ethnicities, social classes, and religions. I feel that the more diversified my participants are, the more likely I’ll be able to note differences in attitudes that stem from these different backgrounds. Among the questions I expect to ask are the following: How were you educated on masturbation? Did you ever discuss the subject with your parents? Would you educate your child about masturbation? What is your opinion of the behavior? What effects have the media had on your attitude toward masturbation? Do you feel that masturbation for men and women is different? Do you think there are positive consequences of masturbation? I think that participants that are
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