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#1: Name and briefly describe the societal forces that have contributed to the need for project management. #2: Why is the project manager often called a super-manager? In an organization, if there is a project manager that is known to execute projects within the scheduled time frame and whose estimates are exact, he probably acquired a substantive amount of knowledge and experience over the years on project management. This “Super” project manager possesses therefore some valuable skills that can be taught to other project managers within the organization. Thus, this “super” manager will often be assigned to manage the project manager such that they can benefit from his experience and also manage project successfully.
#8: How do
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The most common source of conflict is schedule conflicts. Scheduling is crucial aspect of project success and seeing as things never go exactly as expected, schedules must continuously be reviewed and modified to accommodate for various conflicts affecting the original schedule. Project priorities is another source of conflict which the project manager must face since project managers are often managing several projects at the same time it’s not always possible to give all projects the necessary attention. Manpower/resource conflicts arise from insufficient individuals/resources working on a project which causes pressure leading to frustrated and unmotivated workers. Technical conflicts are also very common as well as conflicts arising from administrative procedures (usually leading to time delays). Unrealistic cost objectives are bound to lead to conflicts. Personality conflicts are also common and are often very difficult to deal with seeing as you often don’t get to choose who you work with. “People problems” can be classified as different individual/group interests, personality problems or simply “problem people”. When a team as a whole is unable to reach a common understanding of the goals to be attained and procedures to be taken, conflict is inevitable.
#12: Give several examples of projects found in our society – in addition to those types discussed in class. Projects are any
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