Societal Views on Sports and Gender Essay

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Societal Views on Sports and Gender Sports have become a major part of American culture and society. It is ingrained in us as a small child that playing a sport is almost necessary. In elementary school we take physical education where we are exposed to competitive sport. But even at this level it is our genders that control which types of sports are deemed "appropriate." Since women started to become involved in sports, there have always been those who have opposed them being there. We saw an example of this in the movie Girl Fight. By allowing a woman to partake in a sport, in this case boxing, that is typically viewed as male oriented in caused society to alter its views. This created many problems though. People do not want to…show more content…
The same was true for the women in Pumping Iron 2. Because of their strength and physical stature, certain men and women seemed to be intimidated by them. We saw this specifically in Bev's case. She was the one with a physique most like that on a male body builder. She placed extremely low in the competition because there were judges who felt that even in a body building competition, women should still look feminine. Though the crowd was very supportive of Bev, as we heard in their booing when she did not win, the judges were against her because of what looked like, confusion, and the fact that her body was too muscular. Even though this was a bodybuilding contest. It is not just women that experience biases when it comes to sports. Men to can be the subject of ridicule for playing sports which are thought to be for women. We can see this in the movie The Cutting Edge. Here, an ex-ice hockey player becomes a pairs figure skater. You can see how his gender and sexuality are questioned by his family and friends for no longer playing the manly sport of ice hockey, but rather the, thought to be, dainty and ladylike sport of figure skating. Though, the protagonist's masculinity is questioned. There is never any question about his sexuality. The movie does not take the film to that level. Another film that shows men having to defend both their
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