Society And Psychological Disorders ( Dsm 5 )

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Society and Psychological Disorders In recent years, mental illness has risen from the shadows to the forefront of economic problems in America. Each year millions of Americans are diagnosed with mental disorders and are left unprotected. Since most of society has given up on mental illness, these people are not able to get the specialized care that is needed. Furthermore, these people face discrimination in areas such as education and employment. Some individuals with psychological disorders fear to seek help because of the condescending behavior of society. Should the government do more to achieve equality? To reduce the mistreatment of individuals with psychological disorders, the government should introduce programs…show more content…
According to Chamberlin, in the past society deemed mental disorders for the “feeble-minded” and effectively scared them into exclusion (254). This made acquiring treatment difficult for the mentally ill. For example, in 2008, 10 million Americans did not receive the proper mental health care that was needed (260). If mental illness is left untreated, it could possibly be attributed to such life difficulties as unproductiveness at school, meager employment rates, poverty, and even imprisonment (254). Furthermore, psychological disorders are more common than people may think. According to Chamberlin, one out of every two Americans has a possibility of having a psychological disorder during their lives (253). Additionally, one out every five American adults is diagnosed yearly with a mental disorder (Marsh 1011). In short, not all mental illnesses are dangerous, and they should not be isolated from the world. Individuals with mental disorders face discrimination in necessities such as education or employment. Simm explains that schools can potentially affect a child’s social development due to the vast amount of influence they have on children (678). In education peers are twice as likely to target students with disabilities as any other students (Maag 78). This could possibly cause a disorder such as self-harming which is used to cope with the harassment (Simm 678). In recent years, studies have even
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