Society And Reality In The Giver

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“‘We’ve never completely mastered Sameness,’” The Giver stated in the novel, The Giver. Although, the government in The Giver tried to convert everybody to Sameness, there were still downfalls to their utopian society. The protagonist of the novel, Jonas, set out to show the government that the utopian society was wrong and it was better to have a dystopia where people were different, like society today. There are some similarities and multiple differences between Jonas’s society and reality. The three main differences between Jonas’s society and reality are family, colors, and memories. Family has an important influence on a person’s life. In jonas’s society, family units are very different than in society today. The Committee of Elders determines when spouses are assigned and when families…show more content…
Members of Jonas’s society only have memories of their lifetime, one generation, except for The Giver and The Receiver. At their first training session, The Giver tells Jonas, “‘Although its, its not really simple at all, my job is to transmit to you all the memories I have within me. Memories of the past’” (Lowry 77). This quote shows that only two people in Jonas’s community had the honor of obtaining memories of previous generations. Memories allow people to become smarter while learning from mistakes of the past. According to the novel, The Giver states, “Of course. When you receive the memories. You have the capacity to see beyond. You”ll gain wisdom, then along with colors and lots more” (Lowry 95). This quote explains how The Giver believes memories provide wisdom. In today’s society, everybody has the option to retain memories from previous lives unlike in Jonas’s society. Memories are so important because they show people emotions and how to make choices for themselves. However, the members of Jonas’s society are not given the chance to decide things for themselves, like people are in society

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