Society Can Not Survive Without Technology

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Society Cannot Survive without Technology Technology has evolved over the years, but what exactly is technology? It is quite simple. It is everything that has made human lives over the course of time easier. This can be from chairs to cars to computers. Even, the career of business was created with technology. We use technology in so made ways today including, easier communication and the constant want of making our lives easier, leads us to the rapid advancement of technology. What will happen when all technology disappears forever? Could we, a North America society, survive without technology even though how dependant we are on it in the 21st century? I believe that a North American society cannot survive without technology as we rely…show more content…
This also means that families who live in different countries would lose touch with each other, and often then would forget about them without any technology to communicate with them. Moreover, another example of how technology is changing the way of communication is, “An elementary school teacher reported to me that whenever one of his students heard something funny, he said "LOL"-or "lawl"-as though it were a word” (Levery). This teacher is witnessing how even technology has changed the way we speak. If it disappears, without this technology connecting everyone at once to speak the same language, it would become hard to communicate with others. This is why technology in communication is such a key aspect in a North American society, and if technology disappears, so will communication too. The whole reason technology keeps on advancing is the goal of always trying to make our lives easier. We have created such advance technology that it would be nearly impossible to live without all the technology we have in North America. The advancement of being able to visit other continents, using planes or even medication which helps us live a longer life is all from technology. The loss of all this technology in the world would bring us back to the basics of human life. In today’s society, it is taken advantage of how much technology is in our lives. Even the loss of cars would be devastating to this generation in a North American society. In statistics
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