Society Effects On Gender Roles In Malawi

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Society Effects On Gender Roles In Malawi Ivy Tech Vocational Collage The seventeenth and eighteenth century was a time of many struggles with many nations. Slave traders, immigrants and Christian missionaries where some of the troubles brought on by changes happening. While it was a time of change the Malawi people came together and formed this alliance of the Nyau . Mostly to form a resistance. Nyau appealed to the people because it brought their culture together instead of the quilted nature of the other cultures. Through the Nayu the Gule Wamkulu was founded they are a society of men . Chinamwali is a female society . In the early twentieth century the Presbyterians and Catholics condemned the…show more content…
Boys are iniated to the Nyau becoming men in their time honored fashion. They learn the puzzles of the encrypted messages and about the secrets that the Gule Wamkulu have. The youngest members are usually messengers and or guards. The main season for the Gule is in July . Young men dress like ancestral animals , or spitural ancestor masks .During their iniation they feel as if they are in there animal state no one approaches them during this time I so then money needs to be laid down so that the Gule will not grab you and take you to the cemetery . IN 1927 A.G.O HODGSON wrote “Initiaon of girls is a very old custom observed far earlier than Nyau ,but many things have ¬altered from the way they were done long ago .” When women saw that men had gained importance with their dance old woman instructors ( anankungwi), asked the leaders of nyua to instruct and frighten the girl initiates by beating or just pinching them. The dancing at girls initiation ceremonies increased greatly when Europeans entered the country.) Girls on the other hand are iniated The young girls are gathered and are grouped in tents for several weeks. The elder woman of the village would come and teach them their proper place, to please a man. Often times laying on top of each other to get the feeling for a position or to become

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