Society Has Experienced Several Evolutions In Diverse Arenas

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Society has experienced several evolutions in diverse arenas during our brief existence on Earth. The human brain has devised tactics to locate animals for the benefit of clothing, shelter, and food. Humans established spoken and written language(s), created numeric systems, and via the advent of the internet, devised vectors for expansion of communication across the globe. In addition to global communication, the internet has transformed society by allowing people to express our creativity, dreams, and expand our knowledge. It has revolutionized how we entertain, trade stocks, date, and participate in government and commerce. The eruption of electronic commerce, or e-commerce, relies upon consumer trust in the e-commerce website, payment…show more content…
Books afforded Bezos, and his believers, a commoditized, simple products with little variance in size, shape, or content (Stone, 2013). The initial name of Amazon, was Cadabra, but this was replaced by Amazon after complaints from lawyers and customers alike that the name was indistinguishable from “cadaver” (Stone, 2013). The inspiration for the name Amazon was homage to the Amazon River, which is the world’s largest river. Bezos targeted his company to be the planet’s largest bookstore, and ultimately “The Everything Store” (Stone, 2013). May 15, 1997 Amazon filed for their Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol AMZN. Bezos established Amazon in Seattle, Washington because of the state’s minimal citizenship and scant requirements to collect state tax on out of state transactions (Stone, 2013). Amazon has evolved from a lowly retail ecommerce bookstore into one of the most successful companies on the planet with potentially limitless growth. Amazon has its hands in numerous business realms. They offer seven main areas of products and services according to their 2015 annual report. They participate in retail ranging from business to consumer, business to business, consumer to business, and consumer to consumer exchange of products throughout their many channels of commerce offered via, Amazon Auctions, and the Amazon Affiliate program which allows for partners to have pages on Amazon that they can earn a moderate
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