Society In Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New Word'

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Every individual has a different point of view as to how they view society. In the dystopian novel, “Brave New Word”, by Aldous Huxley, Bernard Marx, and John want individuality but struggle to find freedom and individuality in a society where the government restricts individuality. The totalitarian government controls individuals through technology, reduce the sense of individuality, and categorize citizens in different social classes. Bernard Marx works for the world state and is categorized as an alpha, but his physical appearance is different from the other alphas. As a result, he wants others to accept him, but others fail to accept him and gets sent away from the society. John visits the world state society and questions why others avoid…show more content…
They do this by monitoring the citizens every move and beliefs. Citizens consume Soma as a source of the sacrament and religious belief. The government convinced people that soma is a religious view, but they actually use it as a weapon to control them. They also limit their citizen’s opportunities and freedom through the use of science. They control reproduction and genetically select traits that they want certain individuals to possess. Then, they categorize individuals into different social classes and assigned roles to serve in the society. Although every individual has a role in the society, they are categorized into groups to act as a whole rather than acting as an individual. Bernard Marx is categorized as an alpha in the new world society. Alphas are superior to everybody else in the new world society because of their intelligence and physical appearance. Because they are alphas, they are tall and strong, unlike Bernard Marx who is short for his social status. As a result, others in the alpha social category make fun of him for being different. Bernard wants others to accept him but others fail to accept his physical appearance. He begins to question the motives and rules of the new world society and wonders why individuality is not encouraged. ‘’Everyone works for everyone else. We can’t do without anyone. Even Epsilons are useful. We couldn’t do without…show more content…
They both want to be accepted by the rest of society but are rejected for being different from others. In the case of Bernard Marx, he is an alpha, the highest social class in the new world society. But is treated different for being short for his physical appearance, John comes from the savage world, coming to the world state society he questions why others don’t accept the concept of individuality. He wants others to know the truth and see the world through his eyes. However, people reject him because he comes from the savage world and his opinions are different from their world state beliefs. Both individuals face consequences and conflicts for wanting to be individuals from a society where individuality is restricted. Such as being rejected from others because their ideals are
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