Society Judges People Based On Matters Predetermined By

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Society judges people based on matters predetermined by elements of their lifestyle. A demographic approach from birth to death greatly affects the outlook of the world and others on the planet. Understanding the refusal to accept others based on patriotism and ethnocentrism branches into our values and beliefs passing on to children and ultimately the world. The ignorance that fuels each side’s judgments. Western and Eastern worlds’ ignorance exhibit aspects of religion, culture, politics, and status. Disagreements between different peoples regarding religion, culture, politics, and social status will arise, as seen throughout history. Ignorant views on a person’s religion as a result of taking words out of context…show more content…
Freedom of expression comes in different forms as both religions try to adapt the forms of western Christianity to fit in and educate others about other beliefs harmonizing for the greater good. When prejudice and racial profiling affect how we treat another human solely based on their religion instead of the personality they exhibit or what they do for society, people become the monsters they perceive the other as. In the past 15 years, the hatred and bigotry have caused a need for people to defend themselves but Christians don’t have to defend themselves for the KKK. Furthermore, moving to India, marriage takes on a whole new meaning with different outlooks on what makes a marriage last. In the states, a marriage forms a bond between two people who exhibit the characteristics ready for the next chapter in their lives but most will end in divorce. For some couples in India, however, the parents pick who they will marry. Serena Nanda, a student at John Jay College, realized how ignorant she was about arranged marriages in Arranging a Marriage in India by finding arranged marriages offensive at first but then realizing how freeing, mysterious, and rewarding they are. Marriage in India is a
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