Society Moral in Tithe by Holly Black Essay

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In the world where both fairies and humans live together as one, but still not knowing one another exist, both society follow the same moral. Tithe a modern faire tale by Holly Black suggest that no matter who you are you should have loyalty in friendship though the faithfulness between the characters , trust and scarifies that have been made for each other.

Loyalty in friendship is shown through the faithfulness of the characters. Robien, a faire had stayed faithful to Kaye after the day he met her. When the Unseelie court faire had come back and wanted Robien back he said, " I am home, lady. Now tell your men to put down his weapon and I will allow you to leave Unseelie court unharmed." (Black 325) Robien was very actuated to the
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Also, fairies do not trust anyone with their names but while Kaye is helping Roiben at a stage of death, he told Kaye his name. Kaye thought to herself, "Faires didn't give their names easily even apart of their names, although she had no idea why." (Black 27) Robien knew she could control him if she found out his full name but still decided to trust her, because of her noble deed. In friendship trust is the most important part of loyalty.

Moreover, the scarifies one makes for their friends also show the loyalty in the friendship. As Kaye saved Roiben from dying, sacrificing her own life shows the kind of friendship they have. While laying on the ground under a tree Roiben says, "I am in your debt. I mislike not knowing how I must repay it." (Black 42) He is thankful to Kaye from saving her and now believes he has to give her life to her. This sacrifice shows how loyal friends would do anything for one another. Along with that Roiben ends up saving Kaye from begin sacrificed for the Tithe. When he saves Kaye, she says," Roiben had known all along what he was offering her his life," (227) During the sacrifice when the Unseelie court Queen began the ceremony he whispered to Kaye " What is your but they use it more than you," telling Kaye she had to command him with his full name. Here he scarified himself to her even if it meant to
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