Society Needs Architects . Buildings Are Apart Of Everyday

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Society Needs Architects Buildings are apart of everyday life for humans. There are buildings in the world that are for staying in, or there are buildings for tourist attractions. These buildings provide many uses for humans. In other words buildings are important to everyday meaning we couldn’t live without them. The people who are in charge of these buildings are architects. In order to become an architect there are many things that come into account like the preparation, pay, or need for them also with all this they also leave a impact on people. Architects are planners of buildings due to this there is a need for them in society and they get paid for doing these types of vital things. Architects map out and sketch out building like…show more content…
If the people complete this program this shows how dedicated they are to becoming an architect and showing they might do something big for the world. After the program has been completed people get to move onto their next step getting licensed. Architects have to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture which has been approved by the National Architectural Accrediting Board and certified for a state licensure ( After this final step of being certified in architecture, the people can become an architect and possibly innovate the world. They might also introduce something that people everywhere can benefit from. Also possibly making their dreams turn into reality. Everywhere in the world an architect have some sort of personal impact on their career. According to “Inhabitat” “INHABITAT: Are you concerned about environmental and social sustainability in your buildings? If so, what role does green building play into your work?”“Steven: The 21st century presents us with one third of the earth already developed, much of it in sprawling waste. A fundamental change of attitude, a re-visioning of values must take place. We emphasize sustainable building and site development as fundamental to innovative and imaginative design.”(INHABITAT) In other words Steven is impacting the world and himself. The importance of this is that in the future cars and manufacturing companies will still have the natural
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