Society has Unrealistic Image of Woman in Article, Fat Is a Feminist Issue”, by Susie OrBach

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Through Thick and Thin Society is obsessed with fitness and weight loss. Ever since I was in sixth grade I have had issues with my weight and self-image. The article “Fat Is a Feminist Issue”, by Susie OrBach focuses on how our society puts this unrealistic image of what women should look like into everyone’s heads. The media and magazines urge women to conform, at any cost, into a constantly changing expectation of what is beautiful. Women are taught to look at themselves from an outside view, to be a sex image for men and fuel the diet and fashion industries. Society thinks if women do not fit within the unrealistic image something is wrong with them. The highly glorified concept of beauty marketed by the media contributes to the concern…show more content…
As mentioned in the article I would blame myself for not being able to control my weight and failing at meeting the standards I thought I had to be. I began starving myself and only eating when my mother would start to get suspicious when I would turn down dinner. I would sit and pick at my food feeling sick with every bite I took. I felt and thought I looked obese when I would look in the mirror. I didn’t have the gap between my thighs like the women in the magazine and could pinch my stomach. I began dropping weight quickly and began to receive compliments about my weight, which just reinforced my darkest secret of starvation and depression and added to my determination to keep up with my unhealthy eating habits. The depression came from when I couldn’t lose weight or even worst gained weight. I always wanted to be a smaller size, and I felt unlucky, cursed by family genetics almost. I lacked that self -love and respect I needed. I thought being thinner would fix everything and would make me happy. Susie Orbach’s biggest point was physical fitness and beauty are every woman’s goals. We all want to be able to wear all the new trends and to feel sexy like a victoria secret model. Society wants use to conform and believe that this is the only way we can feel sexy and beautiful. I didn’t mind starving myself but by the time I was seventeen years old my best friend, now
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