Society is not so Civil in the Wild

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Society is not so Civil in the Wild Lord of the Flies is set on a lush and bountiful island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. A group of British boys survived a plane crash after being shot down. Two boys, Ralph and Piggy, found a Conch shell and signaled to the other boys to gather around. They then started to devise a rescue plan and Ralph was elected “Chief.” His main objective was to have a sustaining fire which would be a signal to any passing vessel. Jack also wanted to be elected “Chief.” Instead Jack became the leader of the hunters. The hunters were in charge of catching pigs that were on the island and keeping up the signal fire. As time moved on the young boys began to have a fear of a creature that they called the…show more content…
Simon fainted and when he woke up, he went to the mountain and found that there was no beast just a man in a parachute. He rushed back to tell the others, who were at the feast, but was ambushed and killed. The next day Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric discuss what they had done and they all feel remorse. Later that night Jack and his hunters attacked Ralph and his followers and stole Piggy’s glasses. The next day the boys went to retrieve the glasses and in a fight between Ralph and Jack, Piggy was killed and Sam and Eric were captured. That night Ralph was told by Sam and Eric that he would be hunted the next day and most likely killed as a double-sided sharpened stick has already been made. That morning Sam and Eric told Jack that Ralph was hiding. Jack then set the forest on fire in the hope of bringing out Ralph. The novel concluded when Ralph, running for his life, confronted a British naval officer who came ashore to check out the smoke on the island. William Golding developed his characters in Lord of the Flies so that each character showed a certain aspect in the downfall of civil people in an uncivilized wild. Ralph for example, was the oldest boy on the island, an elected leader, who lost all his power because he could not control the wild nature of the boys. Ralph in a sense had to be a judge and consider all factors that would be best for the boys.
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