Society of Colonial America Essay

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America in 1620-1700 or Colonial America is filled with life and diversity upon the changes it has been slowly incorporating in their society with the European settlers who have migrated to the country and governments claiming colonies in each part of the continent. Due to the variety of cultures that have now mixed in the country, there have been many particular elements or legacies which have left a mark in the country and are continuously seen today in American culture. The time period is also considered America’s development period as it is slowly grasping its own heritage and discovering its capability of becoming one of the most recognized countries of the world and as a superpower. But what are the many different elements from the…show more content…
The charter also lays out a set of regulations that the company will undergo in settling businesses and trade deals with other countries (Thorpe). The element and legacy of religion is also another factor America has learned in the Colonial period which then carved its way in American society at present. Most English settlers came to America in full hopes to have freedom to which religion they wish to take part in without being oppressed by their home nations. What these settlers did is established their own church in the US for them to worship freely and allow people to search their “perfect” religion which they believe would solve and help in all the needs of the people. Many groups have formed in the thirteen colonies with their religious beliefs as their creed and charter. But even in the thirteen colonies, there were persecutions happening if they did not follow the religion set in the colony. An example to this is the Puritans, whom wanted everyone to worship their religion or else face dire consequences. Those who have been forced out of their colonies had to locate areas where they could freely follow their religions and even create their own. Aside from the Puritans, the other religious groups whom emerged in the time period are the
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