Society 's Beauty Mask?

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Society’s Beauty Mask In 1913, Webster’s dictionary defined the word beauty as “properties pleasing to the eye, the ear, the intellect, the aesthetic faculty or the moral sense.” Throughout the decades, the standard of beauty has changed immensely because of society’s views constantly changing. These set standards on beauty and cosmetics are not only unhealthy, but unrealistic. This is causing the female population to be pressurized to look a certain way instead of being confident and creative. Society’s definition of beauty is too narrow to support the individuality of the female population. All through history, it has been proven that makeup has been a sign of wealth, whether it was through the containers it was stored in, to how it was worn. In the past, it has been frequently used as a sign of social status, and caused many problems for women. During the Middle Ages, church leaders made the impression of makeup to be unethical, therefore having colorful pigments often times only be used by lower class women and prostitutes. Pale skin was a sign of wealth and royalty, while tanned skin was a sign of outdoor work which also meant a low social status. It wasn 't until Max Factor put out the same makeup products that were used for films in 1914, that cosmetics started to take a main role in American life. Currently, there is a set standard of how people think everyone should look, which is why beauty standards are becoming such controversial topics. Popular companies…
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