Society 's Call For Action

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Society’s Call for Action

“Mass media are forms of communication that generate messages for very large, very heterogeneous, and very anonymous audiences” (Thompson et al. 93).
“Body image is a complicated aspect of the self-concept that concerns an individual’s perception and feelings about their body and physical appearance” (Serdar 1).

With the increasing percentage of today’s females struggling with personal body image issues, the media has been criticized for playing a critical role in bringing body discontentment upon the female population; several theories help explain how this discontentment happens. Media is the primary public means used around the world to relay ideas, values, norms, attitudes and behaviors (Lopez-Guimera et al.388). Society is bombarded throughout their daily lives with different forms of media relaying a wide variety of messages. The thin ideal set by the mass media has become the standard for female beauty and has played a major role in how women perceive themselves. From waking up to the radio advertizing the newest diet supplement offering a free sample for a limited time only, to seeing a billboard on your way to work depicting a Victoria’s Secret model in the latest push up bra, to the pop ups viewed on one’s internet browser with beautiful models advertising luxury vacation destinations, to the nightly news featuring a segment of the newest fitness craze, it is clear that these forms of media cannot be avoided and play a critical role in…
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