Society 's Effect On Society

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Society has a set way of perceiving everyone in the world. There are set things and places in which we all “belong” to and if we do not fit that then we somehow find ourselves isolated from the normal population. People dream and long for the day where they can fulfill the “American” dream where they settle down with someone of the opposite gender, fall in love, get married, and eventually try for a baby. People wait for nine-months of long and hard obstacles to finally meet their baby boy or baby girl. One cannot help but have a certain mindset already placed for each gender that they are expecting. Many people are going to want to the choice to identify with what they are comfortable with due to the fact that it helps define them for who…show more content…
Both these concepts are developed and shaped the moment we are born. Gender identity is not the only component that people will use to identify themselves. There are five different components when it comes to how one will identify themselves in our society. Gender identity is how we identify themselves whereas there is gender expression which how we look or express ourselves. The next component are the sex we are assigned at birth which is either female or male, but some may decide to identify as something else with that comes with the next component which is who we are sexually attracted to. We may be born a male and society may tell us we have to like women but in the end we can be more sexually attracted to a male while being emotionally attracted to a women. There are many different aspects in which one will choose to identify themselves as which gives people more open space to choose what they are comfortable with.
In our society, there are set characteristics that classify one as either feminine or masculine. Masculine is someone who is manly, has the ability to do heavy-duty work, who shows no emotions, and often times the person who is the breadwinner. A man who is found being a little bit of feminine such that they love to watch romantic movies or are interested in flower arrangement may be labeled as gay just because he does not have masculine aspects. This can cause a person to fake their way into making their environment believe that they are what
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